Collamer IOLs


The nanoFLEX® Collamer® IOL

The nanoFLEX Collamer IOL provides an exceptional level of visual performance thanks to its revolutionary design and its unique lens material. nanoFLEX is made from Collamer, a material created and used exclusively by STAAR Surgical. Collamer, composed of collagen and copolymer material, is “bio-compatible” with the eye and contains 40% water — so it’s very similar to the  eye’s natural crystalline lens. The result? Sharp, clear vision. Please contact us if you would like more information on how the nanoFLEX Collamer IOL can improve your vision.

Other Collamer IOLs

  • nanoFLEX® Toric IOL (Not available in the United States)
  • Afinity™ Collamer® IOL




Collamer IOL FAQS

  • All patients should consult their eye care physician to determine if you are suitable candidate for cataract lens replacement.

  • In Blended Vision, the nanoFLEX IOL in the dominant eye is set for distance vision, and one in the non-dominant eye is set for near vision. The two eyes work together for a combined result that is clear and comfortable vision at all distances: both distant and near objects appear clear without eyeglasses.

  • nanoFLEX is designed to provide excellent functional vision with improved contrast sensitivity and depth of field. Made from the unique Collamer hydrophilic material, nanoFLEX has a integrated anti-reflective layer and is free from glistenings, a complication associated with some hydrophobic, acrylic IOLs.

  • The nanoFLEX IOL is made from Collamer, a pure collagen containing material that is “bio-compatible” with your body’s natural chemistry and contains 40% water — so it’s very similar to your eye’s natural crystalline lens. It also has important anti-reflective properties. The result? Sharper, clearer vision and far fewer occurrences of glare, halos, and glistenings or poor night vision associated with other lenses or corrective procedures.

  • A practicing, licensed ophthalmologist will remove the cataract affected natural crystalline lens, create a small micro-opening and insert the nanoFLEX IOL to replace the cataract.

  • If you are a patient with a cataract, consult with your eye care physician to obtain further nanoFLEX IOL information. Physicians should contact STAAR Surgical Company, the maker of the nanoFLEX IOL, to learn more.